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    Why Run for Deputy Mayor?

    ·         While trying to obtain information about various projects, such as the Roseann Ave Drainage & Storm water project, little or no information was readily available on the

    township website. One must read through month after month of town council meeting minutes and resolutions. When I asked questions at council meetings, I didn’t get the details I needed, or I got the run-around. From my research it became clear that projects weren’t always handled correctly, and tax dollars were being wasted. With my management and troubleshooting skills along with my contract and budget experience, I know I can do much better.

    What Can be Achieved by Changes in Government

    ·         The township government needs to be more responsive to its residents and ask them what they want and need. As Deputy Mayor I’ll listen to the residents and work hard to

    get the results they want. I’ll make certain our environment is protected when projects are planned. I’ll make certain all township jobs and contracts are awarded fairly and to qualified persons and companies.

    What LT Voters Should Expect

    ·         The first thing I’ll do is have Town Hall meetings to hear from our residents. I’ll develop a priority list of projects that need to be accomplished. Information will be provided on

    upcoming projects, in an easy to access format. The residents can count on me to be honest and work hard in their best interest.

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